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6th Release
"Saxophone Shootout II"

"Saxophone Shootout II"

mid Quality mp3's
I Just Got Lucky 3mb (mid-fi)
Tenor Madness 2.9mb (mid-fi)
Chinese Knock-Off 3.1mb (mid-fi)

5th Release "Sideswiped"


Mid Quality mp3's
Sideswiped 934kb
36-22-36 827kb
Monkey Hips & Rice 782kb
Chinese Knock-Off 885kb

4th Release "Big Sound Blues"Blues

"Big Sound Blues"

High Quality mp3's
IC Boogie 1.6 Mg
Alligator Meat 2.1 Mg
You got to Dance
the Cha Cha with me
1.7 Mg
Cleveland, Ohio Blues 1.7 Mg

3rd Release
"Not Live at The Copa"

"Not Live at the Copa"

Skin Bones & Hair 395kb (lo-fi)
Cold Day Down Below 387kb (lo-fi)
Progresso Soup Baby 342kb (lo-fi)

2nd Release "Eyes wide open"

"Eyes Wide Open"

All Mine, All Fine 321kb (lo-fi)
Wide Clyde 358kb (lo-fi)
Eyes Wide Open 497kb (lo-fi)

1st Release "Live at Wilbert's"

"Live At Wilbert's"

Cuttin Out 398kb (lo-fi)