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"Above the Fold"

Ain't Trying to Kill Nobody 4:58
One Fine Day 4:23
The Long Game 3:47
Woman I Bleed 3:26
No Time Like the Present 3:49
Seven Times 6:03
Where Do You Think It's Going 2:43
Lake Erie Highball 3:23

Venita 6:23





"Blue Lunch Special"

Sideswiped 3:53
Cold Day Down Below 3:18
Skin Bones & Hair 3:21
Cuttin' Out 3:23
The Fidget 2:25
IC Boogie 3:19
Which Way To Go 3:47
Leo the Louse 3:3
The Best I Can 5:01


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"Sax Shootout II"

Honeydripper 8:08
Lowe Groovin' 7:11
Foothill Drive 4:54
I Just Got Lucky 6:18
Chinese Knock-Off 6:34
Tenor Madness 6:00
Rapid Save 6:19
Reconsider Baby 4:18
If It Ain't Me 3:59
Rib Joint 6:39


Sideswiped 3:53
Which Way to Go 3:47
Always Pickin' On Me 3:37
All Things Come 4:35
36-22-36 3:26
The Best I Can 5:01
Monkey Hips & Rice 3:16
Chinese Knock-Off 3:40
Doggin' With Doggett 3:40
Don't Point That Thing At Me 2:52
Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday 3:57
Isabella 3:33
Mother-in-Law 4:37
My Baby Knows Lovin' 4:42
Too Much Boogie 2:30





"Big Sound Blues"

IC Boogie 3:17
Alligator Meat 4:23
You got to Dance the Cha Cha With Me 3:26
Cleveland, Ohio Blues 3:29
Chicken Blues 3:03
I'm Not Ashamed 3:27
The Fidget 2:23
I Do, I Do, I Do 2:48
New Place to Hang My Hat 3:13
Teardrops from My Eyes 3:06
Little Boy Blue 2:34
Honey Chile 3:23
Vida Lee 4:43
Quaker City 3:54
Poison Ivy 3:60
If It Ain't Me 3:03
Thrill on the Hill 3:34




Skin Bones & Hair 3:19
That's What's Knockin Me Out 3:16

Cold Day Down Below 3:15
Blood Shot Eyes 4:18
I Got to Learn to Mambo 3:24
Pitchin' Pennies 2:55
The Lonely One 4:41
Gravy Train 3:16
Sixty Minute Man 2:37
Progresso Soup Baby 2:53
Don't Mess Around With My Love 2:37
My Daily Wish 3:43
When The Rooster Crows 3:06
Find My Kind of Woman 2:15





"Eyes Wide Open"

All mine, All fine 2:41
Leo The Louse 3:33
It's Obdacious 3:33
Wide Clyde 3:00
Louisiana Hop 4:06
Eyes Wide Open 4:11
Closer to the Bone 3:47
Annie Had A Baby 3:48
Prisoner of Love 5:21
Kissa Me Baby 2:57
Diminishing Returns 3:26
Slow Down Little Girl 3:33
Why Did it Happen to Me? 2:25
Whole Lotta Meat 2:54
No Buts. No Maybes 2:54
Rib Joint 4:30





"Recorded Live at Wilbert's"

Tell Me What's the Reason 5:20
Unchain My Heart 2:49
The Things That I Used to Do 5:42
Mellow Down Easy 3:54
See See Baby 4:08
Cold,Cold Feeling 5:15
Big Fat Mamas are Back In Style Again 3:44
Well, I DOne Got Over It 4:06
One More Chance With You 2:33
Teach Me (How to Love You) 2:23
At Last 5:19
Cuttin' Out (Like A Mohel) 3:12

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